Designing Experiments to Verify or Disprove Hypotheses

Inquiry Into…Who We Are

Central Idea: Decision making is optimized through the evaluation of data.

This week we inquired into the scientific method. After identifying the Purposes of their experiments, students Researched into that which they were going to be collecting data, created HypothesesExperimented to either confirm or disprove their hypotheses, Analyzed their data, and made Conclusions about their hypotheses.

To see Kaylee and Sophia’s project –> car-2d0xm21.

To see J’Den, Sania, and MaTaya’s project –> Nerf_ or Tennis balls_-2m6jzer

Changes had to be made along the way as students encountered variables that would prevent them from collecting reliable and valid data. Sophia and Kaylee had to move their experiment to the hallway because one of the toy cars they were using was running into the far wall, which was causing inaccurate data. Sania and MaTaya found that the tennis ball launcher required one person to make all 10 shots using the same technique, otherwise, the data would be skewed. J’Den found that he had to walk in a straight line

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