Exploring our genetic traits

Transdisciplinary theme- Sharing The Planet

Central idea- Systems maintain efficiency through interdependent relationships.

This week we explored genetic traits by examining different observable traits (phenotypes) passed down through heredity.

*Everyone in our class has dark eyes except Lily. Light colored eyes are typically recessive, meaning that it is less likely that a child will have light colored eyes.

*Everyone in our class can roll their tongue except for Garret. Did you know this is a genetic trait?

*Some students can make “Vulcan fingers” (think…StarTrek) and some students have “earthling fingers”.

*All of our girls have freckles, but the boys seem to be lacking freckles.

  *Some students have attached earlobes, while others have detached earlobes.

We also learned about how Punnet Squares can be used to help determine dominant and recessive genes. Students used coin tosses to help them determine each inherited trait of their “monster”. Students learned that a genotype is an organism’s genetic makeup, whereas a phenotype is the organism’s observable traits.

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