Ancient Egyptian Innovations: Infomercials

Transdisciplinary Theme: Where We Are In Place And Time

Central Idea: Innovation Comes From Systems

This week, one of the learning engagements sixth graders partook in was creating infomercials for important ancient Egyptian innovations. Students explained why life was more difficult or less enjoyable before the innovations they chose. Students also explained how the innovation might have impacted future civilizations. Check out their infomercials, by clicking on the videos below.

Kylee and Lily created infomercials for medicine and makeup.

Charlie and Elias constructed an ancient Egyptian game called Senat and created an infomercial demonstrating how the game can be played.

SunChyna, Alayzia, and Garret worked together to explain why the Shaduf that we built the previous week was such an important innovation for the Egyptians.

Garret also created a canopic jar out of clay and explained what it was used for and how it connected to the Egyptian’s beliefs in the afterlife.

We hope you enjoyed the students’ infomercials! I know they really enjoyed creating and sharing them. 🙂



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